Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Underachieving at Rogue Legacy

Underachieving at Rogue Legacy

Now that we are 10 posts in to my blog reboot and starting to pick up on daily views. I figure it's time to start defining the goal of the site and my blog. I've realized that it's really difficult to be as dedicated to achievements as I once was. But since I find myself still playing nearly every game I thought I'd try and give back to the Xbox community by making Let's Play videos for as many games in the Xbox catalogue I can add to my YouTube page. And I'm going to use the videos to supplement a daily blog about gaming, life, technology whatever I feel like talking about plus a section on each days game. Hopefully it will allow people to get some interesting looks at games they may not have seen other wise. Maybe I'll save you some money on a bad game that you were questioning buying. Maybe I can inspire you to try a game you wouldn't have other wise.

I'm hoping to build something that allows you to look up pretty much any title you want and watch a quick video of what the game is and if it is worth your time. I will try and be informative about the achievement situation and the amount of time the game might take if the information is available. Sometimes that is hard to do with day and date releases. The videos will likely improve over time and I may go back and revisit some of the early impressions videos that are worth another look.

So if you've read this far Today I am doing a ReTweet to win contest on twitter all you have to do is follow me @StophJ and ReTweet the dedicated message with a link to my blogs home page to be entered to win. Let's just do a $10 Xbox Live Gift Card today. I also have a bunch of full game codes that may pop up from time to time so keep an eye out.

Now that we've established what I'm trying to do with the blog. I didn't play much today I went to the minor league hockey game with some friends the home team the Seattle Thunderbirds got beat badly right out of the first puck drop. It just wasn't their night. It was Star Wars night at the arena which seemed a bit out of place but it was funny to watch the characters walk around the arena randomly. Speaking of Star Wars. I got my ticket for Episode VII on Thursday night. I'm pretty excited for that. I promise not to ruin for anyone that hasn't seen it on Friday or Saturday... after that you may be on your own.

Let's Play Rogue Legacy

Today I went back to one of my favorite ID@Xbox games of the last year. It is oddly addicting and it was something I could explain fairly easily as I played it. Basically every time you die in this game you come back as an ancestor of your previous character. all the money you died with can be used to upgrade your legacy. When you enter the Castle you lose all the unspent money. There are power ups that allow you to keep some of your money upon reentry. The characters and classes all have their own advantages. you choose one of three heirs on start up. Warriors and Knights have more health and damage. Dragons can Fly, Lich's start with low health but gain for every enemy you defeat. Spelunkers can see treasures on the map. Each class has it's ups and downs. Traits can be anything from Dwarfism, Irritable Bowels and even Gay. most of the traits don't do anything as far as gameplay goes. All in all this is a fun and addictive game that is worth playing. I recommend giving it a chance.

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