Saturday, December 5, 2015

Underachieving at Rock Zombie

I'm a Sucker for Really Bad Games

I don't know what it is about horrible games that I get enjoyment out of. I tend to invest a lot more time into terrible games than I do the first rate "Triple-A" titles. But some games take the shitty and comically bad game design too far. Today I preview a game with terrible controls, an awful premise and a world class lack of playability. But enough about Just Cause 3... I haven't started that video yet. Let's add the worst graphics of a generation and absolutely no charm and talk about this preview of Rock Zombie.

Rock Zombie Impressions

To be fair ever since it's announcement I've had very low hopes for the game that is Rock Zombie. If anything I hoped it would provide a few hours of entertainment and some easy Gamerscore. The Jury is still out on both of those things. The achievement list is difficult and unimaginative. "do 'X' 100 times" mixed with beat the game on super hard with out continuing. You also have to play through as all three terrible characters. The laughing and entertainment value wore off real quick in this one and the comic book style cut scenes are so low res an pixelated that they are hard to look at. let alone pay attention to. This is a bad game. even at the $7.99 asking price it is a really bad game. I will continue to give Yasai Ninja credit as being the worst of this generation but, this game gives Ride to Hell: Retribution some competition in the top 3 worst Xbox games of all time. Seriously avoid playing this.

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