Thursday, December 3, 2015

Underachieving at Rainbow Six: Siege

Underachieving at Rainbow Six: Siege

Over the past two years I've been gathering up fancy streaming and game recording equipment but I've had a hard time with understanding why people want to watch other people play games. When they could just play them themselves. Like Souhpark put it. I'm just a Grandpa like that. But I miss the social aspect that was Xbox Live. I miss playing with friends. I even miss aspects of that dumb achievement site and the blog I used to write on there. There are some shitty people I don't miss but all in all I want to find a way to make it so gaming isn't just me being a stereo typical fat sweaty guy alone in his basement.

I did this video as an equipment test for me and decided to publish it anyway as it is part of the process of figuring out what I'm doing. The Audio seems to come from the future. That is clearly a problem. I forgot to mute my PC for the first half of the video but the new mic didn't seem as bothered by that. Overall the quality seems alright. I think I need to get a fixed mount for the camera and find a better way to light my office. but all in all the product is ok. I'm not sure anyone wants to sit through an hour of mission failures and disconnections but it does show what Rainbow Six: Siege is all about.

I do intend to find a way to capture party chat and possibly pull additional video feeds for the other people playing at some point.

Rainbow Six: Siege Impressions

I've played a little over three hours of Siege at this point. Not enough to form a full opinion for a review. But, it is enough to form some solid opinions. Rainbow Six: Patriots was my most anticipated game of the decade. That hype machine really fell off for me when the game became Siege instead. with no single player campaign. It's always difficult to justify the purchase price. But if I said that mattered I'd be a hypocrite. My two favorite games this generation do not have a Campaign mode at all. Titanfall and StarWars: Battlefront. I think the biggest difference is both of those games work for casual gamers. Rainbow Six: Siege doesn't. Siege requires dedication, teamwork, quick reflexes and communication. This is a game that will destroy friendships. It is intense from the first second you boot it up. It has the best sound design I've ever heard in a game. The surround sound is insane. The level designs are well thought out and every defend room seems to have a flaw that you can't solidly defend. DudeWithTheFace and I thought we were doing great defending the strip club until two dudes with riot shields Dropped in through the ceiling.

This game isn't for everyone. But it is outstanding if you want to put the time and effort in. It's hard to recommend as a purchase in the middle of the holiday season of amazing titles. But if you want a serious challenge and, have a good group of friends to work as a team with. You should absolutely play this game.

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