Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Underachieving at Plague, Inc.

Hey all, It has been a few days since I've posted anything. I'm still working on changing up the video format hopefully there will be some new video content starting next week. I picked up a cable that will allow broadcasting party chat with game footage. This should at the least make Rainbow Six Streams and Videos much better.

I also cleaned out my $100+ in rewards credits during the year end sale picking up all the ID@Xbox games I didn't have already. Including Plague, Inc. OctoDad, Extreme Exorcism, Velocity 2x and a few more. So far Plague, Inc. is the only one I have tried.

For Christmas I picked my dad up and Xbox One and an EA Access pass. I'm hoping to get a Madden Franchise mode going for next season. So, if any of my friends are interested and willing to play through at least a full season. let me know.

Plague, Inc. Impressions

I wasn't really sure what Plague, Inc. was going to be all about. I was pleasantly surprised when plying it. it's very basic from and interface standpoint. Just a map of earth. you choose a country to start your virus in and then you earn DNA points to increase it's strength and effectiveness. The goal is to make humans extinct. I have found that if you focus on the stats that increase the spread early on. followed by drug resistance then crank up the lethality of the disease near the end it is the most effective in the first few cases. That didn't work so well for the fungus based ones. All in all this game is a pretty sweet time waster and something you may want to look into during the year end sale. The achievement list is insane though with over 100 to obtain with the free Planet of the Apes DLC.

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