Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Underachieving at Need for Speed (2015)

Underachieving at Need for Speed (2015)

Pretty slow day of gaming yesterday. I got home from work and decided I needed a break from Rainbow Six and all the intensity and server problems. But mostly just the stress that Rainbow Six is. So I decided to just kick it casual and played some more Need for Speed and a little bit of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. That game is still really fun and there are new game modes I still haven't played. If anyone wants to get a group together and play I'm in. Also if you don't have the game you should just buy a year of EA Access. So you can have unlimited access to Plants vs Zombies, Battlefield and Titanfall as well as about 15 other EA games for $30 a year. EA access is a really great program. Probably the best value in all of the gaming world.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to be giving out some digital download codes for some 360 games. I'm sure many of you will already have all of the games that I have to hand out this week. but if you could help increase some clicks anyway that would be pretty great.

Need for Speed (2015) Post Update Impressions

When the latest iteration of Need for Speed released it was a hot mess. It had the worst Rubber Band AI that I had seen in a game since Split/Second. You could be ahead by 20 seconds and lose in the last 10. The grainy film effect took away from the solid 3D modeling but it helped the transition to the live cut scenes. From what I can tell the story of this game is to be the King of saying "dude bro" in the dinner the most. Fist bumps seem more important than coming in first in races. Out of the box it was Better than Need for Speed Rivals but fell well short of Forza Horizon or The Crew. The recent updates have made a nice difference in not only the cheating AI but also the car physics and handling. though as a total product this game still falls short of the competition. They added a good chunk of free DLC and also appear to have price dropped the game to $39.99 for the holidays at the least. if you are into racing games you should give it another try.

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