Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Underachieving at Frizzy

Underachieving at Frizzy

Planning to play Frizzy as my game of the day knowing it launched at 9PM gave me sometime to try and get McTennisD acclimated in the ways of Rainbow Six. We were working on Realistic Terrorist Hunt but not having much luck. We were eventually joined by a few other members of the Rainbow team I've been playing with. After many failed attempts 12 enemies remaining is as far as we got the team decided that mode was too tough so we switched back to multiplayer. We won a few games in casual playlist but decided to call it an early night. I checked in on my Battle Islands game. I finally had enough coins to upgrade the base to level 8 so I'll get an achievement in about 8 days. That game is a grind and not a very good one.

As the videos I have been posting for game of the day have been mostly going unviewed. I think I'm going to make some changes to the format and take the time to edit them down to about 5 minutes. This will require a lot more time on my end so there may be a few days with nothing before I get a back log of content to post. Hopefully those videos will be better received. I also want to get some guests on for local co-op games. Because that might be fun and actually taking to another human is way more interesting than talking to myself while I play games like a crazy person.

Frizzy: Impressions

If I were to write a box art quote for Frizzy It would likely be "It looks like they forgot to hire an art department" There is probably a reason this game gained no traction on Kickstarter and that is general presentation. Hell, I wasn't even sure if they were cats or dogs at first. The other problem I have is, I'm not sure what my purpose for moving forward with the story is. A bunch of cats? (sure we'll call them cats vanish so a hairball one of them coughed up has to aimlessly collect hearts. not sure what the hearts are for or if they are even essential to the story. You can advance through levels with out collecting any at all and just walk to the exit and hit B. In 5 levels I saw one bad guy and two hazards? (if we can call them that) the little swords that fall from the sky. I understand that just because games are on current generation hardware they don't need to look amazing to be fun. but presentation does help. For those that get tired of retro graphics in 2D side scrollers this is why that art style is more popular than the 3D rendered approach. Even with the 20% discount at launch I would recommend skipping this game. It's just not worth your $7.

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