Saturday, December 12, 2015

Underachieving at Fat City

Underachieving at Fat City

It's been a weird week as far as the UFC goes with three events in three nights leading up to tonight's UFC 194. Last night instead of playing a bunch of games I ate some pizza and watched the Mendes vs. Edgar fight and all that went along with it. I was cheering for Mendes. That didn't work out so well for me. He got knocked out in the first round. I did play some Rainbow Six and Star Wars later in the night but I didn't do anything worth keeping my blog streak going. That's why I made a few extra videos in advance. So today you get Fat City.

In other news I was going to start a thing on here where I put my Gamerscore progress stats in the posts. and subsequently finish the 5 Starwhal achievements while watching the fights but... for the first time in the history of Xbox my Gamerscore went down yesterday. I lost 490 points when they reconfigured the Starwhal achievements. To be fair I did call it one of the worst achievement lists I have ever seen. And credit to the developers for "fixing it" But as a warning the new much better distributed list also is a very grindy and unfun turd pile. Playing 1,000 local multiplayer rounds sounds awful as does getting all platinum medals with the controls... Not even sure I can recommend this game when it's on sale now.

Today's Gamerscore: 615,945
Daily Gain: -490

Fat City: Impressions

I wasn't really sure what Fat City was when it released the screen shots and trailers did not convince me to buy it. Though over the last few weeks I have been hearing a few friends say it was quick to complete and kind of enjoyable. After hearing a few explanations I decided to check it out for myself. I had heard a comparison of Pacman but that is completely inaccurate. though there are dots and a grid of sorts that is where the similarity ends. You don't collect the dots. you use a timing based strategy to get to an objective. Collect as much cash as you can and extract with out being caught. You basically lay out a plan and hit play. you can use modifiers to do actions in motion to avoid the police but for the most part it's all based on the plan. That said as far as achievement hunting goes it makes completing it with a guide fairly simple. I have enjoyed what I've played so far and would recommend it when it hits the bargain bin.

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