Monday, December 21, 2015

Underachieving at Don't Starve

Underachieving at Don't Starve

I didn't play much yesterday due to the Seahawks game and the company Christmas party I had to go to. Was glad to see the Seahawks get a win. The Next two games will be tough and have little impact on the playoff picture. They still better find a way to win them. I played less Star Wars than I wanted to this weekend with the double XP going on. I did manage to reach level 32. which was about a 6 level gain in the few matches I played. I still really like that game. It may be my favorite this year.

I managed to get an achievement I didn't think we would get in Rainbow Six for winning all rounds in a ranked match. I think playing as a team is paying off. It was nice to find a good group of guys that really like the game to work through it with.

Let's Play Don't Starve

Don't Starve is a quirky hand drawn survival game. Where you are trying not to starve, go insane or randomly be killed by monsters. You gather good to craft tools and shelter for lack of better term. Basically if you aren't near a source of light when the sun goes down you die in an instant. Always make sure you have goods to build a camp fire. If you can set up a base camp before the second night you should be in good shape. You need rocks and gold to set up a decent camp so seek those out early on. Once you have a fire pit and a science machine you are in good shape. From there you can build more advanced tools and traps. All in all This game is a fun and charming time waster that you should give a chance.

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