Friday, December 18, 2015

Underachieving at Disney Infinity 3.0 Rise of the Empire

Underachieving at Disney Infinity 3.0 Rise of the Empire

So there is a pretty solid chance that the video doesn't exist on this post because of YouTube copyright protection of the theme song. By the way Star Wars VII was awesome! Just kidding I wrote this before I went to see it but since I'm posting it afterwards we'll just assume it was awesome.

So, I talk about this in the video but I've seen the numbers and it's pretty likely you missed it. I just want to congratulate YazFromAlcatraz on finally reaching 200,000 Gamerscore. For those of you that don't know Yaz he is one of the funniest most unique and generally inappropriate people on Xbox Live. But he's always good for a laugh. To be honest when I first me him on Xbox he drove me crazy because he was so different. but after a year or so I guess I just started to "get it" or maybe I went a little crazy myself. I think it's been about 7 years since I met him and he's been a solid source of entertainment ever since.

Back in 2009 when I reached 200,000 Gamerscore he was very insistent that I get exactly 200,000 points. He even invited a bunch of random friends to the Xbox party chat to help me with whatever they could. Which I thank him for because I met one of my best friends to this day because of that crazy guy on that crazy night.

I also made a bet with him that day all the way back in 2009 that I could beat him to the next 100,000 milestone. he was just over 100k when I hit 200k. The bet was for 1600 Microsoft points back then which is just called $20 now. I beat him pretty quickly so being the nice guy that I am I did double or nothing on the bet for 400k vs. 200k for $40. I extended it two more time taking it up to 600k and $160. In may of 2015 his Xbox One broke when he was at 199,243. I was able to finish the remaining 10,000 points I needed and avoided a large pay out. So congratulations Yaz for finally reaching 200,000 6 years later and thanks for generally keeping it weird.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Rise of the Empire: Impressions

The first Disney Infinity title felt like a shell of a game little substance limited build options and character sets I wasn't all that excited about. Infinity 2.0 was a little more robust and added Marvel characters which made it more exciting. 3.0 improved on all of it adding characters from all three trilogies and Clone Wars including playsets for all three trilogies. Two of those playsets are optional add-ons. Force Awakens and this one Rise of the Empire. the game play is solid and the character list is pretty large though you have to buy each character for about $12 each. Every add on pack ads several hours of gameplay. It's tough to say if this game is as good as Lego Dimensions as far as toys to life games go but it's close and a little cheaper in all. if you have a kid to co-p with you should jump on this one.


  1. The back story and story of Yaz was more entertaining then Disney Infinity. Money hungry game

  2. The back story and story of Yaz was more entertaining then Disney Infinity. Money hungry game