Thursday, December 17, 2015

Underachieving at Battlehigh2A+

Underachieving at Battlehigh2A+

I had intended to do something Star Wars themed today since the movie is happening now! But instead I decided to play the new ID@Xbox title that came out today instead. In non gaming news I'm going to Star Wars tonight and I'm kind of excited for it. Even if I did just buy a single ticket to go by myself. I don't typically get excited for movies. So, this is a strange feeling. I promise not to ruin it for everyone in tomorrows post. Aside from Star Wars I went to check out another new burger place that opened recently it was called Habit Burger. there are a few of these locations in California and Idaho and a completely random one near my house. They were sold out of most everything. they didn't have chocolate for shakes or onion rings. They were even out of normal sesame seed buns. probably a good sign that they are staying busy. I think all things considered Burger Addict that I tried last week was the better burger. but I would recommend either option really.

The traffic response to the Twitter Retweet contest was good. it nearly doubled the unique views of the previous post. hopefully some of those people will come back and read this one and more of the future posts. The winner of the $10 xbox gift card was @DrealMcTennisD. Congratulations on winning and thank you to all of you that helped spread the word.

Battlehigh2A+ Impressions

You are probably going to get tired of me talking about how fighting games don't appeal to me in the slightest. yet as long was they keep making them I will still dumbly play them. This one is about as generic as it gets. It's wanna be Street Fighter in a Highschool the moves list seems really limited and the achievement list stinks. the characters are pretty uninteresting for the most part. to get the achievements you will have to beat the game on the highest difficulty with every character and complete various challenges along the way. The saving grace of this game is it is only $4.99 with that said I still say skip it.

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