Thursday, December 10, 2015

Underachieving at Baseball Riot

Underachieving at Baseball Riot

A pretty short day of gaming for me today I did get to level 20 in Rainbow Six which allowed me and my team to play Ranked matches for the first time and it drastically changes the game. We also lost miserably in all of the rounds I participated in. While waiting to get in on Rainbow Six I was able to put a large dent in the remaining Starwhal achievements. I grabbed 25 of 30 bronze medals and 11 of 20 golds required for the remaining achievements in less than an hour. the controls are a little frusterating but like I said yesterday. The getting killed a thousand times will be the hardest achievement as I am as 44 of 1,000 so far. Unfortunately I can't imagine dying a thousand times will happen naturally before I get the rest of the golds. so there will be some grinding to do at the end.

Baseball Riot Impressions

Another day another new ID@Xbox game. It is available on December 9th for $4.99 With that out of the way welcome to Angry Birds with a moustache. I mean there is a slight twist but it is basically an angry birds touch based phone game on your Xbox. The good news is you do not have to 3 star every level. You just have to complete the regional challenges. So as long as you can complete all of the levels as poorly as possible you can probably follow a guide for the few levels that matter achievement wise. There are only 8 regions and 2 achievements per region. All in all it is a cost appropriate game but that is by no means a reason to buy it. Though it does look like a very possible 1,000 if you want to go get it.

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