Thursday, December 24, 2015

How Microsoft and EA Stole My Christmas Present

How Microsoft and EA Stole My Christmas Present

So, I wasn't really expecting to get anything for Christmas this year. I was cool with that. So when I got a year of EA Access I was it was even more awesome since it was completely unexpected. I had renewed my subscription on September, 2nd. I assumed by choosing the extend subscription option under accounts page it would extend my subscription to September, 2nd 2017. Instead it cancelled my existing subscription and it is now only active until December, 24th 2016.

I contacted Microsoft Support assuming this was just erroneous. they told me to contact EA. EA claims to have no access to support for this product and referred me to Microsoft. EA went as far as to claim I was trying to steal from them by returning a product to a different retailer. Upon contacting Microsoft support a second time they told me I had violated terms of service by entering a prepaid code prematurely and was just out my $30... Though I understand both of the companies weak arguments I am very disappointed in the service and lack of resolution I got from either of them.

Neither company offered any real support or resolution to the issue. Neither went more than two responses with out passing me back to the other company. Microsoft's support was a considerably better experience but I can't help to be disappointed in the level of service I got from either company.

I hope Microsoft will remove the extend subscription option from the EA access subscription page to eliminate others from going through the customer service fun I have dealt with.

So, If you are an EA Access member take this as a warning. Do Not extend your subscription prior to expiration or you will just be throwing your money away with out warning. I believe in EA Access as a product. It is a great value until they force you to pay for it twice.

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