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E3 2015 Information Overload

I woke up this morning feeling mentally worse than I have in years. I couldn't really place where the depression was coming from but I couldn't sleep last night I barely drug myself out of bed today. I'm sure there was more to it than the fact of having to go to a stupid job that I have absolutely no love for instead of being at E3 working on something I genuinely care about. Sure that is part of it. but it's a lot deeper than that. I mean honestly I haven't even cared about gaming in the past 2 years. At one point I viewed Xbox Live as the worlds best social network. But due to several really shitty people and that weird generational transition between the 360 and the One gaming and more specifically gaming socially lost a ton of it's appeal for me. For the first time in 10 years I didn't even try to get tickets for PAX Prime. So it's easy to say that I wasn't all that excited for today's Day 0 of E3. That changed ever so slightly when I took a look at all the cool things that were announced today.

I'm not saying that the constant news stream picked me up and put a big smile on my face but it did give me a small hope for something to be excited about. I restarted this blog at a time where I was pretty fed up with life. I had to take a week off work because I was on the brink of completely losing my mind. And writing daily back when I was still "cool" was one of the few things that made me happy. I can't say it's exactly gone the way I had hoped it would. The video's I had made went virtually unwatched. The readers aren't 10% of what they were four years ago. None of that really matters though because I really appreciate the 3 of you that pretend to read these. Even the guy that encouraged me to make more videos instead of writing admitted he never watched any of them. But here I am 3 months later still trying to write about things I care about. So today is exciting for the simple fact that there is a tone of new news, cool news, and news that gives us hope for a great year of gaming ahead of us.

Xbox Press Conference

The Microsoft Press Conference is generally the biggest event of E3. It also tends to leave a lot more questions than answers. Luckily I can answer a bunch of those questions today. At least the ones that don't have a Non Disclosure Agreement attached. There was Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Fallout and Gears of War 4, and Recore highlighting the games. There was Backward Compatibility, Cross Platform and Virtual/hybrid Reality highlighting the platform as a whole. Not to mention all the great looking ID@Xbox Games and Rare Replay the first "Game" to feature 10,000 Xbox Gamerscore.

Backward Compatibility

This just seemed like it flew in out of left field something most gamers wanted from day one but was seemingly "impossible at the time" due to Operating System and hardware architecture. fast forward two years and They've done it. they've built an entire 360 emulator in to the Xbox One. That isn't even the best part. The games you own digitally automatically started installing to your home console during the press conference at no cost to you (If you are in the Dashboard Preview). Games you don't own digitally but have laying around the house can simply be placed in the drive to initiate download. then played from your hard drive. Just like Xbox One titles (The Physical Disc is required for authentication of ownership). Games that save their data to your Xbox profile will automatically load your saves on launch. Games that require storage media will have to be saved to your very limited Xbox 360 cloud storage. Either way this is a very cool value add for the console and a wonderful feature for fans of the platform. You can even play multiplayer against 360 users and they'll never know the difference. There are only 21 titles currently available The list on most sites seems close to correct but Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is not working but Zuma is.

Cross Platform

We've all known about cross platform for Fable Legends for a few months now. And that is literally all I dare say about Fable. So we knew we would be able to game with friends on Xbox or PC. That is awesome but that wasn't the big thing today. The big news today was. Fallout 4 Mods for PC will be able to be ported for free to the Xbox. This is showing how serious Microsoft is about the whole One Platform thing. Windows 10, Windows Phone, Xbox One living together in One harmonious existence. The ability to jump back and forth with no hassle at any moment. Add the VR, AR and Streaming aspects. It's a bright, bright year for the platform as a whole. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Virtual Reality

Microsoft had already made an appearance at Oculus's press event earlier this week highlighting the inclusion of an Xbox One controller and the ability to use the Oculus Rift to play Xbox games through Game Streaming. This seems like an expensive round about to get your VR on. But... It's pretty damned cool. Today they announced a partnership with Steam VR as well though it won't tie into Xbox it shows they are committed to bringing the best games and most options to the platform.

Altered Reality

Microsoft showed off it's amazing in house tech Hololens again today this time more indepth to what it can do with Mojang juggernaut that is Minecraft. It was nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these toys. this hologram tech has so many possibilities and I can't imagine we've seen a single percent of them.

Xbox Streaming To Windows 10

For someone like me who is insane and just buys 4 Xbox Ones so I don't have to move them from room to room. This feature isn't quite as cool as it should be. For kids that live with parents or those in a house or apartment with a significant other that doesn't want to watch you game all the time this is a rad feature. The Xbox is on the TV in the living room and your girlfriend really wants to watch the newest episode of "insert lame reality show here" You can boot your Xbox from a Windows 10 device and play it in a different room with out the display even being connected. Throw your Surface on the dining room table and pick up right where you left off in the Witcher 3 with out disturbing the show about dancing in the other room. Pull it up on your PC when you are done reading work emails. It doesn't matter how or where but now you can play your only Xbox One in the house in any room using a Windows 10 device and an Xbox controller, 360 or One. it makes no difference. By the way it works great!

Elite Controller

The Xbox One Elite Controller was another big surprise today. The first first party controller with customization. including interchangeable parts. Different D-Pads, Stick heights and shapes. flippers for your fingertips under the controller, remappable buttons. this thing looks like the real deal even if it carries a $150 pricetag.

EA Access

I feel like the EA Access Subscription service is the most under used feature of the Xbox One and it is a massive value. Currently there are 14 games available for the service you can have access to in full for a $29.99 annual payment. This means you can play all of EA's best content including Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed and just added today Titanfall (my favorite game of the Xbox One)  You also get 10% off all EA DLC and 5 day early access to retail titles to try before you buy For the cost of half a game you can have 14. And, they will be adding Dragon Age Inquisition to that list later this summer.

Rare Replay

For me one of the most exciting things announced today is Rare Replay a $30 collection of all of Rares best games at a $29.99 price tag and carrying an INSANE 10,000 possible Gamerscore. This should be enough content to keep you busy for a year. and it features some of my all time favorites that haven't ever been on Xbox before. like R,.C. Pro Am, Battletoads and Conkers Bad Fur Day.


For me the most exciting game announcement was Rainbow Six Siege It wasn't in anyway a surprise, hell it already had a release date. But it brings back terrorist hunt and comes with remastered versions of my two favorite shooters of all time. Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2. Aside from that Gears 4 looks great. Fallout 4 also looks top notch. Tomb Raider looks to have built and improved off of the last game which was already the shining gem of the series. Recore looked like the most interesting new mainstream IP. Mirrors Edge Catalyst will be outstanding. I was a little disappointed to not see Crack Down or Quantum Break but I guess I can wait for Gamescom. In the most Bizarre move of the Day Sony announced a game I had been anxiously waiting for, for a decade. Then said go back it on Kickstarter... That game was Shenmue III and I gave in and backed it. Don't worry it doesn't look like it can fail. it has already raised $1.3 Million of it's $2 Million goal in less than 3 hours. All in all there are a ton of great games coming out this next year. Hope fully I can play some with you guys.

Wrap Up

All in all this didn't make me feel all that much better writing this but it was a solid distraction. I had intended to add a lot more pictures and videos but I look pretty shitty today and just don't have the energy. I will try and add more content in the next week or so. If you have any questions about any of the stuff I discussed here or just want to talk games in general hit me up. I'm always glad to talk games.

I sincerely want to thank the few of you that take the time to read the things I post. Like always if there is other content you may be interested in or something you think I should do better I'm open to suggestions.

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