Sunday, June 14, 2015

Best New Releases 6/9/15

In my opinion this was easily the worst week of new games overall since I restarted my blog. I know I shouldn't expect much in the middle of June. Honestly probably shouldn't expect anything the week before E3 or the week of, for that matter. This week only saw three new games. Two Xbox One retail releases The Elder Scrolls Online and Jurassic World and on XBLA game, Monster Jam Battlegrounds. Check out this weeks rankings after the break.

This weeks games almost didn't get ranked at all. For the first few days of the week I couldn't get any of the games to a playable state. ESO's Servers were down or too full. Monster Jam and Jurassic World kept freezing on the menus. Add the fact that once they did work none of the games were particularly mind blowing.  I honestly do not think there was a game released this week that was worth the price tag. I did manage to get my hands on Payday: Crime Wave but, since it doesn't officially release in the U.S.A. until next Tuesday  it doesn't make this list. It would have been the winner of this week though, That really isn't saying much.

3. Monster Jam: Battlegrounds

This weeks turd of the week was a fairly easy pick. had I not been able to eventually connect to and play some Elder Scrolls. this game would have moved up the list by default. Honestly this is not only the worst game of this week it is easily the worst game in the "Monster Jam" franchise. I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided to take Monster Jam and change it from an Arcade Racer to something resembling what would happen if a team of five year olds tried to make Trials HD. Throw in the absolutely horrible arena racing segments. That have possibly the worst controls I have ever experienced in a racing game. The load times are also some of the worst I've seen. On top of all of the complaints about how bad this game is. Every achievement in the whole game ends in a 3. So for those of you that really need to have your Gamerscore end in a 0 or 5. avoid this steaming pile of poop. The only good thing about it is it is $14.99 but it's maybe worth $5. I say avoid this one.

2. The Elder Scrolls Online

It's really hard to say anything nice about a $60 game that takes up 55.5GB on your hard drive and can't be played at all... Probably a feeling you are familiar with if you bought Halo Master Chief Collection. The difference is Halo could be played single player. Elder Scrolls offered absolutely nothing offline. Just a shitty error screen. I looked at that screen for 3 full days before I could finally create my character. Once I did the first quest of the tutorial failed to load and the quest giver didn't render in so I could not progress further. By Thursday evening I was finally able to knock out about 10 story quests. The game play is mediocre and the graphics don't really impress. Add the fact that online chat is 100% voice based and pretty much equates to listening to 20 people that don't know they have a Kinect plugged in. I have no idea how anyone is going to be able to effectively manage a team or group on this game. It's in my eyes not as good as Neverwinter Online which is 100% free to play and only takes up a quarter of the space on the hard drive. I absolutely recommend avoiding this title in it's current state.

1. Lego: Jurassic World

Well seems it's been another 6 months since there's yet another exactly the same Lego game as every other Lego game. The good news is there are some much more interesting looking Lego games on the way with much more interesting game play that finally breaks this mold, the bad news is those are still a few months off. Hell, I think we have to endure one more Lego: Avengers game before that happens. For those of you hoping this would be a streamlined movie title similar to The Lego Movie Game. you'll be disappointed. It does look to be a fairly long completion that covers all of the movies in the franchise. The do a great job with the story and the way it flows. It's broken into very manageable sections. Over all it is a decent entry in the when is this going to end Lego franchise. If you really have to play one of the new games this week you should make it this one. If you have self control you should skip this week and play some of the outstanding things you haven't got to yet.

Bonus Thoughts:

I'm probably going to post a bunch of stuff this week with E# having just officially kicked off with the Bethesda Presser. The Huge Oculus Announcement. The Microsoft Press Conference in the morning. Sony and Nintendo showing off something later this week. There's a lot of gaming related stuff on my mind. Also you can expect some kind of rant post about the never ending battle with disk space the real cost of this generation. For now I'm going to watch the Game of Thrones finally and then see if I can further disappoint myself in ESOnline.

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