Sunday, June 28, 2015

Best New Releases 6/23/15

Going to do this week slightly different based on the lopsidedness of the week and the fact Azito once again didn't show up. though it did actually ship so there is that. but when we get down to it. Nothing was going to unseat this weeks king of all games.

That kings name is Batman. I was skeptical about Arkham Knight having played an earlier build and thinking it was questionable at best. But it worked out to be a pleasant surprise other than the damned bat mobile controls. All in all Batman is the most purchase worthy game in my eyes since maybe Battlefield Hardline. It has a strong story and solid combat system the pacing is also outstanding. There are really no dull moments. If you own an Xbox One you should probably own The Arkham Knight.

I thought I'd started getting used to the bat mobile controls until I switch to play some co-op in Dead Island and found myself hitting X to break which just caused me to fly out of a moving vehicle. though it was comical to me I'm sure my co-op partners were less than amused.

In the other new games of this week we have a remastered Devil May Cry 4 which just wasn't as good or polished in my eyes as the previously remastered DMC. Game Loft added achievements to Dungeon Hunter 5 which is a solid game. and there was the weird drawing based Q with 99 odd numbered achievements to drive you OCD kids crazy. Also Azito released in Japan but I haven't played it and have no real info other than a tracking number. It will be a play it and see experience in the next few days.

Buy: Batman; Dungeon Hunter (free on phone and pc)
Wait for Price Drop: Devil May Cry
Avoid: Q (It's cheap enough you shouldn't feel bad about risking it.)
Unknown: Azito (Don't spend $60 to import a mystery)

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