Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Best New Releases 6/2/2015

So, This post is two days late from my normal posting schedule. To be honest it was a pretty bad week for new games and the weather was pretty nice in Seattle. I normally write these late Sunday evening but I went to watch the new Entourage movie instead. It was actually pretty good if you enjoyed the TV series. They also tried to make it a way to get people that didn't see the series interested. That seems like a bit of a long shot. I really did enjoy the film though. Enough about why I didn't post this weeks list on time. let's talk about the games that did surface on the Xbox Ecosystem this week. This week featured 5 new releases though none of them hit physical stores. There were 3 digital Xbox One releases, 1 phone game and one PC based title. It honestly was a terrible week over all. Catch the full breakdown after the break.
This week was a variable spattering of crap. Game Troopers ninja released two titles What in the World? for Windows Phone and Make It Rain! for Window's. Those games were met by three Xbox One releases. Sparkle Unleashed, The Swapper and, Steamworld Dig. Like I said all in all it was a pretty disappointing week for Xbox gaming but it may not be as bad as next week. We'll call next week Plastic Dinosaurs vs. Broken Servers. But for this week here's your best games of the week.

5. Make It Rain! (Windows 8)

For those who aren't familiar with Make It Rain! It's a cookie clicker clone based off throwing money to strippers. Though there are no strippers. The trailer for the game is more fun than the game is. but by the time you've swiped your screen 100,000 times you should have all the achievements. That is if the game weren't broken. which it is. and was on phone as well. It's fun if you want to waste small amounts of time but it has little sustainable enjoyment.

4. What In The World? (Windows Phone)

This game is brought to you by the same team that made Make It Rain. It is also broken though it's issues can be worked around fairly easily. In this game you are given an assortment of letters and a cartoonish picture that loosely represents something. It's mildly amusing and there were many of the Characters I had no idea who they were. all in all it is an easy and free 200 Gamerscore. so that is bonus. There are only 275 items in the whole game so it doesn't do much for longevity.

3. Sparkle Unleashed

This game would have been much lower on the list a lot of the recent weeks but due to weak competition it lands right in the middle of the pack. It's Zuma clone at it's core. it offers nothing in the way of innovation. it offers little in the way of visuals. It is an as generic as it gets match three color shooter? Bottom Line is it's a fairly time consuming 1,000 Gamerscore with little fun to back it up. you can easily get 500 in your initial play through that should clock in at about 5 hours. weather you want to do it two more times or not is your call. But I likely won't do it.

2. The Swapper

This is the most interesting game of the week and the easiest achievements. You solve puzzles by creating clones of yourself to solve problems in this 2D Survival Scroller. The puzzles are not overly complicated and the game flows nicely. There is nothing to miss in the game achievements wise. Simply complete the missions complete the game. I would wait for this to hit deal of the week but it's worth a try.

1. SteamWorld Dig

This game has lived on my PS4 for quite a while but since that thing doesn't do much but heat up my shelf I hadn't tried it yet. I was pleasantly surprised by the simple puzzles and under ground exploration. it's a simple concept the difficulty is not unreasonable and the game is generally just fun. The Speed run achievement and the not dying are the only real difficulty here. but if you we're determined enough I know you could do it.

It looks like next weeks list will only feature two games. Elder Scrolls Online vs. Lego Jurassic Park. I have no idea which way that ball will bounce 5 days from now but right now I am two days into login failures in ESO... Makes it real hard to form an opinion that isn't negative. On the Brightside I did get in long enough to create a character and get to the end of a quest where the Quest giver did not render or accept button presses. So for now save your money on ESO, there's no reason to spend the $60 in it's current state. I wish I hadn't.

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