Sunday, June 21, 2015

Best New Releases 6/16/15

I said last week was a terrible week for games. and don't get me wrong it was. But... this week ranked right up there. Add in the fact that all the new trailers came out during E# to just degrade this weeks excitement a little further. It just wasn't a happy week for gaming on the Xbox. read about the 5 subpar games of the week after the break.

To be honest this is the first week since I started writing these that I am ranking a game that I didn't buy or touch at all. I just could not justify paying $50 to tell you Tour de France wasn't worth spending $50 on. It is now only the third USA released title on Xbox One I have not touched. it joins the ranks of Don Bradman Cricket and Rocksmith. I actually want to get Rocksmith but I'm terrible at it on 360 and I think my imitation Fender needs some work or to just be replaced but buying another guitar just to try and play Xbox with seems silly.

Tour de France

Tour de France Earns the turd of the week status on price tag alone. though it also gets some bonus points for being about riding a bicycle. Like I said I didn't play this one but I'd played the 360 versions or at least tried to. these games aren't for me.

Quantum Rush

On the surface this game looked fun and interesting. If only looks were all that mattered.  This game is clunky the game modes are mostly confusing the controls are awkward and the AI cheats it's ass off. add the fact that the achievement list is purely awful this game is a pass for me. It isn't last place based simply on price. $14.99 is a lot easier to swallow than Tour de France at $49.99

Dragon Mania (Windows Phone)

Not a new release but new to Xbox this week. Gameloft is making a push to Live enable the bulk of their catalogue on Windows Phone. this game is simplistic fermium junk. Gather resources, train dragons, battle dragons. It's free try it at your own risk.

Lines The Game (Windows Phone)

Lines is the coolest and most innovative game of the week and at $2.99 I suggest everyone gives it a try. It's simple yet challenging puzzling. Multiple game modes add to the longevity. it's a near perfect phone game. Try it!

PayDay: Crimewave Edition

Payday is easily the most polished and well rounded game of the week. the launch discount made it a little easier to justify and the Concept and game play are just fun. It is by far the best when played as a team but it's passable solo. If any of you guys get it let me know I'd like to play some with real people.

I'm going to try and get at least one extra post out this week. it's tough to find the time or motivation. I'm off to try and finish up Farm Simulator while playing Lines and watching True Detective. I'll be playing Batman Arkham Night starting Tuesday. I should also have access to Jackbox Games new title Quiplash later this week. I am very much looking forward to that game. On the other ned of the spectrum. Ride releases in North America this week and I don't think there's been a demo I've enjoyed less. Interested to see how the finished product looks. though my hopes are not high due to the fact the demo released with the Pal regions release.

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