Saturday, May 16, 2015

Too Many Games!!!

This weeks new game releases are getting out of hand!!! Mid last week I had expected 3 xbox releases to hit the marketplace this week. Project Cars, Lifeless Planet and AirMech Arena. Some time on Tuesday afternoon the flood gates opened and Suddenly, Schrodingers Cat, Syberia 2 and NERO we're added to the never ending week of new games. Then Thursday brought us the Gem that is TORO... A Bull Fighting Simulator... I'm not Joking either... this garbage is actually on my Xbox. There's still a possibility that Make it Rain will appear on Windows 8 at any time.

You can imagine in a week with 7 new Xbox games it make creating a weekly rankings list a little difficult. At the beginning of the week I was pretty high on Lifeless Planet and was hating Project Cars. toward the end Project Cars is growing on me and Lifeless Planet lost most of it's initial charm. I haven't even had a chance to touch Syberia 2 or NERO yet. I intend to spend a few hours with each of them today to compile my weekly list.

Not sure if I'll make a video at all again this week. They honestly haven't been received well and have had terrible metrics. I think I'll focus my time on making a mare accessible site and just use font for the time being. I think I could do some much cooler and interactive things with video segments but it's hard to justify the time and effort for the literally one guy that watches them.

I also backed several Kickstarter games that are intended to come to Xbox this week. Some of them appear to have some real promise. Probably don't need to tell you about Yooka-Laylee or Bloodstained they each got a ton of press. but there are some smaller titles with potential and low goals that may be worth looking at.

I'll be back tomorrow with the countdown list. I'm stuck on call all weekend so I have to be near a computers so I'll spend most of today figuring out the rest of the rankings list. then I may play a little Neverwinter for the double XP event. I also may go back and clean up some of the "Easy achievement" games I've been neglecting for months. If you want to play something hit me up.

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