Sunday, May 10, 2015

Best New Releases 5/5/15

This week wasn't the best week for new releases. There were no new retail releases, an odd rerelease of LotR Shadow of Mordor digitally with a brand new achievement list, a prequel to Wolfenstein, a retro twin stick and a single white female version of Fruit Ninja...  I'm leaving Shadow of Mordor out of this weeks rankings but you can see the rest after the break.

3. Slice Zombies for Kinect

This game is a broken pile of garbage. The menus barely work if you can get them to work at all. for the most part the game really wants to be Fruit Ninja. It's essentially a worse controlling Fruit Ninja with Plants vs. Zombies that are just enough different Pop Cap won't sue them replacing the fruit. This game has no original thoughts and its menus don't work at all unless you sit or kneel on the ground about 2 feet from the Kinect Sensor. All in all it is a bad game that can easily be forgotten.  Unfortunately due to the incredibly easy achievement list and slightly lower price there is a solid chance this game ultimately outsells Fruit Ninja. How easy is it you ask? you could viably complete the achievement list with only completing a single stage. You could fail all the rest and still gain the coins and experience eventually.

2. Ultratron

Ultratron is a twin-stick shooter. Everyone always want's to say every twin-stick is like Geometry Wars. But, It's not... it's nothing like Geo Wars. It's slower, it's less frantic and it's frankly less fun. It is much better than We Are Doomed that recently released but it still just doesn't advance the genre. If you don't compare this game to anything else it stands up OK on it's own as a retro shooter. It is discounted for a few more days and it may be worth checking out. if you want something retro and just a little different.

1. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

This game is everything a $20 supplemental release should be. It serves as DLC for those that loved the retail release. It serves as a demo for those that skipped the last game. It's also a very strong stand alone title. The story begins prior to the retail game you infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein undercover as a Nazi. You are soon found out and must shoot your way out of hostile territory. The game clocks in at under 5 hours if you blast through on "Don't Hurt Me" difficulty. It drags out considerably longer on Uber difficulty. Easily the best game of the week at a cost that isn't unreasonable.

Next week marks the return of retail games. Starting with Project Cars. I'm not sure what to expect with this one after all the delays. the screen shots look great but that rarely means anything in real life. It will be joined this week by Airmech Arena, Lifeless Planet and rumors of at least three more games hitting the marketplace. Well see what stands out after the dust settles. For now I'll keep my flame of hope barely burning for Project Cars to not be terrible.

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