Sunday, May 31, 2015

Best New Releases 5/26/15

OK, Quick run down for the week of 5/26/15.There were 5 new games. None Retail 4 !ndie/ID@Xbox, 1 Windows 8, None on Xbox 360 or Windows Phone. It's been another week of good variety. Old school platformer, Strategy, racing, Flappy Birds clonimania and arcade shooter. Not a bad week for what looked to be one of the slowest new games weeks of the year.
Like most weeks it was difficult for me to rank the games this week For the most part it's difficult because they don't compare to each other very well at all. But I'm not comparing games with my lists just determining the best value vs. quality for the gamers on a budget that don't just buy every game that releases. What kind of idiot would do that? Wuth that said let's kick off this weeks list with this "Turd of the Week"

5. Overkill 3 (Windows 8)

This was an easy pick for me as this weeks bottom dweller. free doesn't always equate to value. This game is an on rails shooter that is a flashback to the days of "Area 51" in the arcades. This game was designed for phones and tablets so I didn't really do it justice by playing it on my PC with a mouse and keyboard. but it wouldn't have made a difference. Since I'd already played it on my phone and it didn't really shine there either. Either way it's free give it a try.

4. Beach Buggy Racing

BBR is a iPad port of a generic Kart racer. It's a solid game no real technical issues. It even seems to overcome the frame rate issues on iPad. There are a lot of weeks this game would have taken a podium place this week it was just out classed by the rest of the list. This is a game you should pick up at 50% off.


This game is pretty brilliant. it's essentially a polished more fun Flappy Birds with gorgeous art work. The controls are simplistic but the game is difficult enough. it has just enough fun and promise to keep you hanging on to the game session. This game is strong in quality and should be played.

2. Massive Chalice

This game released about two hours ago. It's free for Xbox Live Gold Members and is worth every penny. It's a strong turn based strategy game. with a lot of depth I was barely able to crack into it. As highly as I think of the tutorial portion I played through it was impossible for me to give this game the top spot. It may be worthy of the top spot in the long run but I honestly just enjoyed this weeks winner tooo much to give this one the nod on short notice. At a price of free it shouldn't matter if this is first or second on the list. Just go try it.

1. Rogue Legacy

When I first played this game on Tuesday evening I was pretty tired. I didn't have the energy to realize it's brilliance. On the surface it looks like another serious pain in the ass old school game that is overly difficult for the sake of being difficult. after playing it more and getting into the expanding your character and gear through doing well enough per run that you come back as the heir to your legacy with the same stats and gear and you essentially lose your cash to reenter the castle. so spend wisely. After a few deaths you will start to get the hang of it and build up the epic knight you can be. It is pretty satisfying to defeat the bosses. I'll never be good enough at this game to get the 1,000 but I've enjoyed every minute of the 105 I've got so far.

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