Sunday, May 17, 2015

Best New Releases 5/12/15

Like I said in yesterday's post. there are just too many game this week. to make it even worse there are too many bad games this week. The one thing this week had was variety. Project Cars was certainly the game with the most fan fare this week but how does it stand up to the flood of Indie Games that hit the market place this week. Lifeless Planet made a good first impression on me but wore out its welcome by Thursday. Check out the full countdown after the break.

It was a hard choice to pick this weeks Turd of the week as there was a lot of turd. After spending several hours sifting through the games that hit this weeks market place. The bottom of the list came down to Syberia 2 on Xbox 360 vs. Toro on Xbox One. Ultimately it wasn't a hard decision. Toro wins the Turd of the week award.

7. Toro

One thing Toro does well is be original. I have to say I've never played a Bull Fighting Simulator before. Then again I hadn't played a bicycle riding simulator before Tour De France. That also was very short lived fun. For $16 the game offers no depth, two very terrible mini games and nothing to hold your attention. The Graphics are barely 360 quality. You should absolutely skip this game.

6. Syberia 2

Syberia ninja released on the 360 this week. It looks old because it is. It originally released in 2004 and it looks the part. It didn't even get a bullshit "HD" moniker. The good news is a game that old has walk throughs a plently and it you can get past the terrible graphics and horrendous game play there are some easy achievements to be had here. I'd suggest waiting for a sale. but it likely won't happen. $10 and 6 hours for 1,000 Gamerscore.  That's the only upside.

5. Lifeless Planet

This game should have been branded for the Lord of the Rings franchise. Yes, it seems like a weird relate but, I really enjoyed the first two hours or so. Then, I kept seeing logical ends to the adventure and walked right past them. I continued walking for another two hours. Passing at least 5 more this has to be the end moments. A game that started mysterious and relaxing became a battle to stay awake. Essentially you just walk for 4 or five hours and the game is over. There are no difficult puzzles and little suspense. Ultimately I would recommend skipping Lifeless Planet.

4. Nero

Another Surprise release this week. Nero is a very colorful first person adventure game. It's full of puzzles and collectibles. This game will do nothing to blow your mind it's as generic as they come. font on top of floating font for 3 to 5 hours and you're done. There are already guides available so grab on and power through for the easiest achievements of the week. But they come at a cost of $20. I'd wait for a sale. if I hadn't already wasted my money on it.

3. Schrodingers Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark

Any other week this was probably a top two game. It's a fun and charming platformer and it's only real downside is the complexity of controls. I'm too old to remember all the color combos and what they do. The story and art style are both solid the gameplay is fun and, it isn't too difficult to enjoy. Add the fact it's the cheapest non free to play game of the week I say give it a shot.

2. Project Cars

I had pretty low hopes for Project cars after all the delays. That should have made it really easy to surpass expectations and take this weeks title. The problem is... It just doesn't exceed my low expectations it just hangs right there with them. The controls are loose and difficult to deal with. The AI rubber bands like mad and the AI drivers knock you off the track my Drivatar does in Forza. With out use of the Rumble triggers the game feels flat. It just doesn't compete with Forza 5 which is a launch game well over a year old. This would be a quality game in the bargain bin but is very hard to justify a $60 purchase. The issues could be resolved fairly simply through a patch or two. but for now I would take a pass on this one. I will give it credit for it's rain effects. they are pretty sweet from the inside the car view.

1. Airmech Arena

The surprise winner of the week is Airmech Arena a rerelease from the 360 that I had originally skipped due to it being free to play which normally translates to expensive as fuck. In this case it doesn't You can actually earn money in the game by selling items you earn from playing. It's not like you can cash it out but if you dedicate yourself you can build yourself a nice little Airmech empire. I was advised to spend $10 to support the game and earn VIP status but that is completely optional. I kind of wish I would have given this a chance on 360 last year. also if you did play on 360 the developers are working on an import/export patch between versions there is no time frame for that as of now. but if you invested a lot of time in the 360 version you may want to hold off and see if the patch comes out.

Next Week will likely be all about The Witcher 3... It would be near impossible for it to not win my list next week but anything could happen. Maybe this years Farm Simulator will blow my mind, Only time will tell.

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