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Best New Releases 4/28/15

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Sorry I didn't have time or energy to create a video for this weeks best new releases so you get a picture and a short description of each. Four new games hit the Xbox Platforms this week with State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition being the biggest release. It's a remastered version of last summer's State of Decay for Xbox 360. This time on Xbox One with improved graphics and all DLC included. Hitman Go! was the surprise of the week.not surprising in it being good or bad but surprising a Windows8/Phone game hit the marketplace for a third time in a month.Check out the countdown of the rest of this weeks new Xbox releases after the break.

4. Project Root

Coming in to this week I had decided that Project Root was the game for me. It was the one of the 3 I knew of that I was semi excited about. For some reason in my head I thought this game was going to be similar to Assault Heroes with the free roaming SHMUPness... I was wrong. what it is, is are very linear game with massive susceptibility to cheap shots from enemies that can attack from anywhere. It is also clunky and slow. The hit detection is also absolutely awful. Especially for ground targets.It just didn't meet my expectations.

3. Hitman: Go!

Hitman Go has been out on iOS since the last console Hitman game came out what seems like forever ago. It made a surprise debut on Windows this week with Xbox Achievements. It is available as a Universal App in the Windows Store at $4.99 meaning you purchase it on either Phone or PC and can play it on both. It's a Turn Based Stealth/Strategy in which you try and sneak to complete objectives, eliminate your target and escape. It's actually quite a good time waster. I would recommend checking this one out.

2. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

Another rerelease from 360. don't worry there are only about 2,300 left to go. All kidding aside. there are seriously way too many Remastered or Definitive Editions coming out. That said this one may be worth it. the graphics are greatly improved, the frame rate is drastically better. overall playability is drastically increased. Add the fact that this game is a rather large time sink. The pay out of the 1,500 Gamerscore holds a better appeal to the average score whore.. Bottom line if you didn't try it on 360 give it a shot on the Xbox One

1. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is simply the best game of the week. it's short, it's frustrating, the achievement list is shit. But, the masterful old school charm, mix of skill and patience it takes to master the game. Mixed with a great art style and awkward humor are totally worth the experience.

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