Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Nerw Releases 5/19/15

Late post this week due to the holiday weekend in the U.S. It's been another week with way too many games. Luckily that looks to be dying down a little until the end of June. This week The Witcher was the obvious pick to win game of the week but There was a lot of fun to be had in this weeks new releases. Will Mega Coin Squad or Farming Simulator 2015 unseat this weeks obvious champion? find out after the break.

Every list has to start with the bottom. For me this weeks worst game is an easy pick. It's in part because of subject matter. in part laziness on the part of the dev team but, it's mostly because it doesn't really need to exist.

7. Nascar 15 (Xbox 360)

Bet you thought I was going to say Farming Simulator didn't you. Nascar 15 actually did exactly what morons seem to accuse Madden of doing each and every year. They quite literally increased the number on the outside of the box, updated the roster and changed the achievement ID. BOOM NEW GAME! but the new game is the same game that wasn't good in the first place. The saving grace is the fact they didn't try and fool anyone and just owned up to it essentially being a paid update. At $19.99 if you really like making left hand turns and can't wait until the day you can make left hand turns on Xbox one. this is your game.

6. Farming Simulator 2015 (Xbox One & 360)

Any one that has read my old blogs in the past probably knows that I really enjoy simulator games. I find them to be fun and relaxing at the same time. Civilization and Tropico are some of my favorite games. For some reason Farming Simulator just doesn't have the appeal for me. Also the $49 price tag is a little off putting. I will admit it is a huge upgrade over the 360 release from yesteryear.

5. Monster GO! (Windows Phone)

Free to play game from Game Troopers launched this morning. A side scrolling runner You automatically move forward and control jumps blocks and attacks to try and make it as far as possible. You can purchase power ups with real money or earn them over time through skills and daily log ins.

4. Lara Croft: Relic Run (Windows Phone)

Yet another endless runner this time from a third person perspective. much better graphics and improved controls over the scheme of Monster GO! This game is free to play but won't run on  devices with only 512MB of memory. This game will make for a solid time waster.

3. Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)

Mega Coin Square is a graphical mash up of Super Mario 3 and Scott Pilgrim. It is a pretty sweet high speed platformer and it is fun to play. my two knocks against this game are A) there is no Xbox Live. This game would excel with a little bit of online co-op. B) The Dashing in mid air is anchored in only 4 directions. You can't diagonally avoid or attack enemies. this really limits the accuracy in which you would otherwise dominate the game. This is a solid yes for deal of the week.

2. Spy Chameleon (Xbox One)

Spy Chameleon was surprisingly good and fun for the $5 price tag. at 75 levels it is a little on the short side but it's enjoyable it's creative. The puzzles aren't overly difficult and the color swapping just seems natural. It's the best value of the week.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One)

It was nearly impossible for any game to dethrone The Witcher this week. Aside from the Game save issue that is happening on Xbox this game actually lives up to the hype. The Graphics are world class. The voice acting is top quality. the world is huge. The combat has a very nice balance to it. It is the flagship RPG on the Xbox One and probably will be for a little while. The achievement pay out is as slow as expected I've logged 6.5 hours and have 1 sorry 15 point achievement. But achievements are not the reason anyone plays The Witcher now are they...

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