Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spoiler Free Thoughts on Fast & Furious 7

So I love the Fast & Furious movies and I have ever since the first one. I was pretty much one of those kids from the first movie. Trying to trick out my mid 90's Japanese sports car so I could just go hang out near the street races. Who am I kidding I'm still one of those kids. I have a driveway full of Mid 90's Nissan 300zx's. I'm always in the market to add another one to the roster. An RX-7 or Skyline R-34 are somewhere in my future.

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Over the years the movies went from being about racing to being about crazy hijinks and robberies. The entertainment value grew, so did the mass appeal. The fifth and sixth movies were over the top crazy and the seventh continues that tradition it was awesome, fun, and had great pacing. I recommend it for everyone even if you weren't a fan of the others just pretend this one is a cartoon and sit back and enjoy it.

Random Observations

  • Knowing Paul Walker had passed away mid movie made the suspense of the action sequences much better since he could be written out at any second.
  • Race Wars still looks awesome even 14 years later as an old man.
  • Iggy Azalea is not an attractive woman and, listing her in the credits is pointless she did nothing
  • To anyone that has ever said "Michelle Rodriguez is to manly to be sexy" and, "Ronda Rousey is hot" be prepared to have your mind blown.
  • No one in this movie franchise has ever heard of car pooling.
  • He's not the Transporter. He's Deckard Shaw... They are not the same character.
  • No Matter how famous "The Rock" gets no matter how many movies he's in. No matter how many fake wrestling belts he won. Sacking Charlie Ward on the football field in college will always be his moment of triumph. (Replay is even in the movie)
  • Holly wood is magical. No matter how big and tough Vin Diesel looks just remember in reality he's much closer to Ronda Rousey size than The Rock
  • Tony Jaa is the best in Hollywood that there is when running through crowded places or obstacles.
  • Any joke Daniel Tosh ever made about Danica Patrick being "attractive for her sport" could also be made for Ronda Rousey.
  • Djimon Hounsou Has not stopped sweating since the 80's
  • Jeremy Renner is becoming the new Nicholas Cage showing up as a shitty character in nearly every preview.(Jeremy Renner is not in Furious 7)
  • It seriously was a good movie and you should go see it this weekend!

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  1. I seen it Wednesday and it was a great movie! Michele Rodriquez was hotter in this movie then some of the bikini eye candy they had walking around scene.Entire movie i was waiting for the crash or explosions to write Paul off. Still going in knowing this was the last thing he worked on made it tough to watch.