Friday, April 17, 2015

Editting Failures

Been a few days since I posted. In the small amount of free time I've had I was trying to edit the "First 30" videos I made for Dark Souls and Mortal Kombat X. Unfortunately I completely over produced the videos with multiple video layers and the windowed commentary in an angled fly away. New animated logo. Bottom line it was a whole lot of over kill for a video that may hit 60 views on a good day. It all looked great in preview but after the rather long render process It is just too jumpy and broken to post. I have all the source files so I may make some adjustments and post them somewhere down the line. Though first 30 minute videos are pretty useless after the games been out a while.

Aside from editing failed videos I did manage to get about an hour in on each of the new games that are out this week. Still working on my rankings for Sunday's post but right now Halo: Spartan Strike has been my favorite. My dislike for fighting games and the technical horribleness that is Goat Simulator have my mind in a war over what game I like the least this week. Xbox Live being down isn't making it any easier to decide.

Going to spend my Saturday working on repainting the rest of my car. and maybe simulate a few more Goat situations. Nothing to exciting. I may try and re render those videos as well.

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