Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Thoughts of a Monday

Hey All, Time for a random thoughts post. I mentioned in yesterdays video that NBA 2K15 would be on sale for 12 hours or until supplies ran out at Amazon starting at Noon based on the John Wall versus James Harden promotion. they combined for 49 points lowering the price of the game to $10.99 on the platform of your choice. They sale went up late and lasted all of 7 minutes. Luckily I got off the freeway just in time to score one brining my physical Xbox One disc collection to a nice even 70. More Random thoughts after the break.
 photo NBA2K15confirm_zpsxdo11xvy.png


I also mentioned that Target is offering "Buy One Get One Half Off" On all, Xbox, PlayStation and PC software. 25% off all game figurines as well, Skylanders, Infinity and Amiibo. Fred Meyer has Skylanders Starter Packs at $34.99 or $24.99 on 3DS. This weeks Xbox Marketplace sales include all of the Lego Games; Marvel Super Heroes $5, Lego Movie $10, Lego LotR $12, Lego Batman $30. Neverwinter is also free starting sometime in the next few hours but you can preload now. Pool Nation FX should launch by 5PM PST tomorrow, free for gold members. Child of light will also be free for gold members along with Terreria and Gears of War Judgement.


I won't always post about music but one of my favorite bands has a new album out tomorrow and it's pretty damn good. You should all check out Hollywood Undead's Day of the Dead. I got my hands on a physical copy today. It's not as up tempo as the last album. It does have some real strong songs though. Gravity and Party by Myself Stand out the most in my eyes but I've only listen to it once. Ludacris also is releasing a new album tomorrow his first in 5 years. I may have to check that out as well.

Random Other Thoughts

So, two weeks after resurrecting my blog and putting more effort into it than I have in the past. The numbers were looking good for the first three posts. Several people suggested I post video's instead of just typing. So, I created the Cops and Robbers video and the hits doubled instantly. Still a small fraction of the amount of hits my old blog would get. It was a step in the right direction though. The following weeks posts fell off quite a bit. Yesterdays video didn't even register a single view. Pretty discouraging. but I will continue to try some new things and see if I can't somehow make it interesting. I'm working on building a new site that completely ditches BlogSpot and gives me the freedom to customize anything I want. Though people have also suggested ditching the website all together and just maintaining a YouTube channel. I just feel that multimedia content is much more useful than just a video. If hits ever get back to half of what they were in 2012 I'll do some give aways.

Like always thanks for checking out today's post. There should be some more this week covering some Neverwinter, Stealth Inc, Pool Nation FX and maybe RBI Baseball 15 if I can bring myself to try and play that one. If there is any content you would like to see or any thing that might be useful I'm open to suggestions.   

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