Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Release Day Gone Wrong

I ended the weekend planning out all of the posts and video's I had intended to do this week. But, after a last minute trip to Canada and many science projects involving Alcohol, I wasn't feeling so great after my drive back home. So, my Cabela's review is still not done. That was the goal for Monday, UPS lost my Copy of Borderlands: Handsome Jack Collection. That was my Tuesday plan. Slender is Downloading now. It had been a small portion of my Wednesday plan. Then Forza Presents Fast and the Furious was my Thursday through next week plan. pretty excited for the game and the movie. mostly the movie. So you are left with this post today. Mostly just words. There will be more words and maybe a video or some links after the break.

I am not making a video to talk about Slender today because it was already out on 360, I'm not that excited about it and, it's only $6.99 for Gold Members which mean's I will likely just go with a "Buy It!" punchline anyway.

Telltales Game of Thrones Episode 3 also released today. Though unlike the Walking Dead it isn't nearly as captivating or story centric as the TV counterpart I am still interested in finishing out the season. I'll probably knock that out tonight so I can play Borderlands tomorrow If I can get that lost copy thing resolved. I'll touch on both Slender and Game of Thrones a little later in the week in my count down video.

EDIT: Another Telltale Episode another screwed up save file. Unlike Walking Dead I am not into the Game of Thrones Characters enough to go back and replay the whole thing again to keep my story consistent. I'm just going to Auto Generate my decisions and continue from Chapter 3.

The last thing I want to touch on this week is another Kickstarter project that is headed to Xbox One. Slain! this afternoon. It has already met it's funding goal and looks fairly interesting. $20 Gets you a copy on Steam and a copy on Xbox One when it releases sometime around September. There are some other cool rewards as well. There are just under 3 days left on this one if you are interested in backing a promising project.

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