Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kickstarting the Indie Revolution

Some of the best and most creative games don't come from the big name publishers. They come from some guys basement or a 800 square foot office shared by ten people. It doesn't always take big meetings sometimes it just takes a passionate persons idea. Game consoles in recent years have been making it a lot easier for these individuals ideas to become a reality that can be shared by an entire user base. ID@Xbox has been a great system for getting these games from smaller studios in to the hands of the gamers they were made for. As it continues to grow and more people venture into the realm of game development more and more great games will appear just one click away. But not all great ideas have the resources to succeed. This is where smaller studios turn to crowd funding through sites such as to obtain the funds needed for software and media licensing to get their game completed. Most of them offer a copy of the game or some trinket as a thank you for helping fund their project.

I've personally backed several games and technology projects through KickStarter. Not all of them have ultimately paid off. but you aren't buying a product you are enabling a dream. Sure sometimes you get a great product that was well planned and seen all the way through fully living up to your expectations. Sometimes you receive a half hearted mess that in no way resembles the vision you had hoped to help create. Hell, sometimes you even just get an email that says we were a total failure and wasted your money. It is a total crap shoot and not something you should invest in if you can't afford the risk. But if you want to help the evolution of the independent game developer. It may be worth your time and money to look into projects like these to back in the future.

Projects I've Backed Nearing Completion

The Adventures of Pip took two tries on Kickstarter before succeeding and is now headed to Xbox Live in May. The 2D platformer is built on the mechanic that Pip (the hero) can evolve and devolve from being a single pixel character to being 32 bit and back again. each form has different powers and abilities. The game is very pretty and certainly is unique. Certainly something to look forward to in the coming months.

Woolfe is described as a cinematic 2.5D platformer. It is also one of the prettiest games I have seen in a while. The game launched on PC this week through Steam and will likely hit Xbox One later this summer. 

Chrono Rider just looked interesting to me. It seemed like a very ambitious game govering many different genres. At it's root it's an action RPG. Due to the low funding amount I was skeptical of this project but they have a working prototype and the prologue seems on par with the projects goals so if this does make it to Xbox it is certainly worth a look.

Projects Further Out

Pathologic is a full on first person survival adventure featuring around 70 hours of game play. You are able to approach the situation however you please from simply trying to keep your self safe to crafting a vaccine to stop the plague from spreading further. It looks ambitious but they have assembled a large and qualified team. It may make for an interesting game when it launches late in 2016.

In Progress Recommendations

There are only a few days left on the Edge of Eternity Kickstarter campaign But it has by far exceeded it's goals. This JRPG looks promising and is as close to a sure thing as you can find in crowd funding. If you like JRPG's you should give this one your support.

Quiplash is the newest title in the long line of games produced by Jackbox Games. If you aren't familiar with what they do you should be they make the best digital party games around including Fibbage, Drawful and You Don't Know Jack. Quiplash adds to the tradition of simple yet fun and funny party games that can be played by all with any web browser. since most people at parties have a phone in pocket it works out pretty great. This game met it's goal very quickly and will be launching this summer.


No, I do not thin that this "game" has any chance of reaching it's goal. I do not recommend you backing it... I'm just saying if this guy really Get's this thing to release on Xbox One... I'm a big enough achievement whore to play this literal pile of shit.

In Conclusion

That was my quick look at some of the games you can back through crowd funding. Not all of them will be winners and you aren't really getting anything at a discount. but what you do get is the pride of moving the industry forward. I will try and post more projects as I find them.

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