Monday, March 16, 2015

It's a New Day

Oh, Hey Guys, It's been a long time since I wrote anything about games but I was thinking about how much I missed posting my incoherent ramblings about whatever game I was currently working on. The biggest problem is I haven't really been working on any games either. I just seem to stockpile games with out even playing them.  So, I decided to take sometime on my vacation to launch a new site and fix that.

I decided to go with a generic title for the new site rather than relate it to my gamertag so I could build on it and allow for guest writing. So Welcome to "The Underachieving Achiever". I chose the name because well it's simple. As far as Gamerscore Whoring goes. I'm among the "laziest" sure some of that has to do with having an adult job. but it also has to do with the desire to assert myself and stick through completing games. For me the hardest achievements are not those based in skill but those based in repetition. doing the same tasks thousands of times or for ten hours is something is just have no interest in. Games requiring 3 or more play throughs are also on my eternal shit lisr. For me getting 50% in each of the games I own would make me happy. but 50% of 2,350 games is one hell of a time commitment. So that's where the underachieving comes in. I am Currently at 48.4% over all but under 10% for games released in the last two years. I guess that is what happens when you play most games for about an hour and forget about them. So the new goal is to push towards 50% on each individual game. even the really bad ones.

In the two years since I stopped maintaining my previous blogs the world has seemingly passed me by. Reading has seemingly become a thing of the past. Hell playing videogames has also become a thing of the past it seems that most people would rather watch someone else play a game on twitch than read a review or play a game themselves. I will never understand why people bought Xbox One's just to watch World of Warcraft on Twitch or to use Internet Explorer. Even though I don't understand it I do have the equipment and accounts set up to create quality video content if needed. I will likely do some video features on some of the really obscure games people ask about. Probably starting with "Azito x Tatsunoko Legends" some time next week. For this week. I will be playing Battlefield Hardline and, LA Cops. I will also have Final Fantasy Type-0, Bladestorm and Cabela's "Same Crap New Year" on tap.

Thanks for checking out the new site. I know it's a little rough and there's not much content. I will continue to work on that and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, or Xbox

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