Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Prediction of the Point 5 Generation

With the rumors circling about the Play Station 4.5 or 4K And Xbox's need to keep up I wanted to take a minute to discuss what any of it really means. and if any of it will realistically matter to you in the next few years.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Underachieving at Plague, Inc.

Hey all, It has been a few days since I've posted anything. I'm still working on changing up the video format hopefully there will be some new video content starting next week. I picked up a cable that will allow broadcasting party chat with game footage. This should at the least make Rainbow Six Streams and Videos much better.

I also cleaned out my $100+ in rewards credits during the year end sale picking up all the ID@Xbox games I didn't have already. Including Plague, Inc. OctoDad, Extreme Exorcism, Velocity 2x and a few more. So far Plague, Inc. is the only one I have tried.

For Christmas I picked my dad up and Xbox One and an EA Access pass. I'm hoping to get a Madden Franchise mode going for next season. So, if any of my friends are interested and willing to play through at least a full season. let me know.

Plague, Inc. Impressions

I wasn't really sure what Plague, Inc. was going to be all about. I was pleasantly surprised when plying it. it's very basic from and interface standpoint. Just a map of earth. you choose a country to start your virus in and then you earn DNA points to increase it's strength and effectiveness. The goal is to make humans extinct. I have found that if you focus on the stats that increase the spread early on. followed by drug resistance then crank up the lethality of the disease near the end it is the most effective in the first few cases. That didn't work so well for the fungus based ones. All in all this game is a pretty sweet time waster and something you may want to look into during the year end sale. The achievement list is insane though with over 100 to obtain with the free Planet of the Apes DLC.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

How Microsoft and EA Stole My Christmas Present

How Microsoft and EA Stole My Christmas Present

So, I wasn't really expecting to get anything for Christmas this year. I was cool with that. So when I got a year of EA Access I was it was even more awesome since it was completely unexpected. I had renewed my subscription on September, 2nd. I assumed by choosing the extend subscription option under accounts page it would extend my subscription to September, 2nd 2017. Instead it cancelled my existing subscription and it is now only active until December, 24th 2016.

I contacted Microsoft Support assuming this was just erroneous. they told me to contact EA. EA claims to have no access to support for this product and referred me to Microsoft. EA went as far as to claim I was trying to steal from them by returning a product to a different retailer. Upon contacting Microsoft support a second time they told me I had violated terms of service by entering a prepaid code prematurely and was just out my $30... Though I understand both of the companies weak arguments I am very disappointed in the service and lack of resolution I got from either of them.

Neither company offered any real support or resolution to the issue. Neither went more than two responses with out passing me back to the other company. Microsoft's support was a considerably better experience but I can't help to be disappointed in the level of service I got from either company.

I hope Microsoft will remove the extend subscription option from the EA access subscription page to eliminate others from going through the customer service fun I have dealt with.

So, If you are an EA Access member take this as a warning. Do Not extend your subscription prior to expiration or you will just be throwing your money away with out warning. I believe in EA Access as a product. It is a great value until they force you to pay for it twice.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Underachieving at Frizzy

Underachieving at Frizzy

Planning to play Frizzy as my game of the day knowing it launched at 9PM gave me sometime to try and get McTennisD acclimated in the ways of Rainbow Six. We were working on Realistic Terrorist Hunt but not having much luck. We were eventually joined by a few other members of the Rainbow team I've been playing with. After many failed attempts 12 enemies remaining is as far as we got the team decided that mode was too tough so we switched back to multiplayer. We won a few games in casual playlist but decided to call it an early night. I checked in on my Battle Islands game. I finally had enough coins to upgrade the base to level 8 so I'll get an achievement in about 8 days. That game is a grind and not a very good one.

As the videos I have been posting for game of the day have been mostly going unviewed. I think I'm going to make some changes to the format and take the time to edit them down to about 5 minutes. This will require a lot more time on my end so there may be a few days with nothing before I get a back log of content to post. Hopefully those videos will be better received. I also want to get some guests on for local co-op games. Because that might be fun and actually taking to another human is way more interesting than talking to myself while I play games like a crazy person.

Frizzy: Impressions

If I were to write a box art quote for Frizzy It would likely be "It looks like they forgot to hire an art department" There is probably a reason this game gained no traction on Kickstarter and that is general presentation. Hell, I wasn't even sure if they were cats or dogs at first. The other problem I have is, I'm not sure what my purpose for moving forward with the story is. A bunch of cats? (sure we'll call them cats vanish so a hairball one of them coughed up has to aimlessly collect hearts. not sure what the hearts are for or if they are even essential to the story. You can advance through levels with out collecting any at all and just walk to the exit and hit B. In 5 levels I saw one bad guy and two hazards? (if we can call them that) the little swords that fall from the sky. I understand that just because games are on current generation hardware they don't need to look amazing to be fun. but presentation does help. For those that get tired of retro graphics in 2D side scrollers this is why that art style is more popular than the 3D rendered approach. Even with the 20% discount at launch I would recommend skipping this game. It's just not worth your $7.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Underachieving at Quest of Dungeons

Underachieving at Quest of Dungeons

Outside of work really nothing happening worth writing about. I took a gamble on a copy of Shadow of Mordor that I wasn't sure if was really the Game of the Year Edition with the separate achievement list or not. luckily when it showed up today it was the right version. No I have three versions of that game I still haven't spent any time on. I hear it is good though. Tomorrow's game will be the Kickstarter failure that is Frizzy. They some how published it anyway even though they fell well short of the goal. My hopes are not high for that one.

Let's Play Quest of Dungeons

Quest of Dungeons is another throwback that is on ID@Xbox.. I think I like it because it reminds me of the tons of Dragon Crystal I had played on my Sega Game Gear as a kid. It is randomly generated dungeons with limited visibility it is all about exploration. There are 5 character classes to choose from. All of them have their own advantages. The Assassin is by far the easiest to play with if you just want to be casual and reckless. I really enjoyed this game and feel it is worth giving it a chance.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Underachieving at Don't Starve

Underachieving at Don't Starve

I didn't play much yesterday due to the Seahawks game and the company Christmas party I had to go to. Was glad to see the Seahawks get a win. The Next two games will be tough and have little impact on the playoff picture. They still better find a way to win them. I played less Star Wars than I wanted to this weekend with the double XP going on. I did manage to reach level 32. which was about a 6 level gain in the few matches I played. I still really like that game. It may be my favorite this year.

I managed to get an achievement I didn't think we would get in Rainbow Six for winning all rounds in a ranked match. I think playing as a team is paying off. It was nice to find a good group of guys that really like the game to work through it with.

Let's Play Don't Starve

Don't Starve is a quirky hand drawn survival game. Where you are trying not to starve, go insane or randomly be killed by monsters. You gather good to craft tools and shelter for lack of better term. Basically if you aren't near a source of light when the sun goes down you die in an instant. Always make sure you have goods to build a camp fire. If you can set up a base camp before the second night you should be in good shape. You need rocks and gold to set up a decent camp so seek those out early on. Once you have a fire pit and a science machine you are in good shape. From there you can build more advanced tools and traps. All in all This game is a fun and charming time waster that you should give a chance.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Underachieving at Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens


Underachieving at Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens

The last few days have not went as well as I would like them to as far as getting content posted. Disney just doesn't want their game streamed or published I guess. So I stripped the background music and it appears to have posted this time. I didn't get the post out until real late on Friday because auto post failed. Friday I didn't make a video because I passed out as soon as I got home from work. Enough excuses. I just failed to post anything it was encouraging to see page views with out any links going out.

In non gaming new I watched the UFC on Fox event last night. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone is one of my all time favorite fighters. So, of course the same thing that happens every time my favorite fighters get a title shot or main event. They get knocked out in the first round.

The Force Awakens was absolutely awesome I know you've already seen it but, you should go see it.

Right before the new Star Wars movie released. Sphero released a Windows 10 Universal App for their BB-8 Droid. So I felt obligated to go find one to use with my fancy new phone. Also happy to see Apps coming to the Windows Store. Not just for Droid controllers but it seems major banks are coming back too. The web browser works great for most things but there is something to be said for well working app.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Force Awakens: Impressions

Like I mentioned 2 days ago Disney Infinity is an expansive universe that has built upon it's self each year. Each iteration of the game has it's own optional add on packs. Infinity 1.0 had Toy Story and Lone Ranger. Infinity 2.0 had Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy. Infinity 3.0 has Inside Out and two additional Star Wars packs. The Force Awakens pack I played today follows right along with the plot of the new movie with a lot of added busy work. nearly identical story structure to the previous pack. Complete the tutorial and obtain 2,000 coins. There's a large variety of ways and side quests to earn your coins in. Unfortunately in this one my game stopped responding to controller input right as I was going to start the Speeder racing mini game. All in all Infinity 3.0 is a very solid option in the toys to life realm of video games. though I would give Lego Dimensions the overall edge for 2015. But Dimensions is also the most expensive option. For diversity and the quality of characters Infinity is where it's at.